The Bear Jew (oliveoyl) wrote in metaquotes,
The Bear Jew

I'm arguing in a community with someone who is really a massive case of "can dish it but cannot take it" and singularly incapable of doing anything other than trying to talk his way out of ridiculous assertions.

My first thought is "what a pussy".

Then I got to thinking: why a pussy?

Pussies are astonishingly resilient: can you think of any other part of human anatomy that can go through what a vagina can go through and not be destroyed at the end of the process? Seriously, anything that can stretch to 50 times its own size and be intact has my respect.

Now speaking as the owner of a nutsack, I can tell you that it is the wimpiest part of human anatomy. Hell, if you LOOK at it cross-eyed, it will double over in pain. If there is any part of human anatomy that embodies not being able to handle it, it is the nutsack.

So I am advocating a change in the lingo: from now on, if someone is being an utter wuss, don't call him a pussy. Call him a Giant, Quivering Nutsack.

Thank you.


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