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Nude midgets having midget sex

crevette ponders the spam in her inbox . . .

I'm just amazed at the spam headers on some of these things I get. "Nude midgets having midget sex."

First I wondered to myself what on earth I'd been surfing in order to pick up THAT cookie or mailing list. I can assure you that I wasn't downloading midget porn. Midgets, much to my dismay, disturb me. I mean, I know several little people who are very nice, but there are certain things--like the munchkin scenes in Wizard of OZ that make me very disturbed.

Then I started thinking to myself, well, what else would they be having besides midget sex? I mean, they wouldn't be nude midgets having giant sex, now would they?

Then I began to wonder exactly HOW midget sex differs from regular sex. I mean, if it was regular sex, the header would say "Nude midgets having sex". But Noooo, they're "Nude midgets having MIDGET sex" which infers something completely different than Tab A into Slot B. Would 'Midget Sex' have it's own chapter in the Kama Sutra? Do they sell accessories? Special clothing? Protective devices? Does it involve trampolines? Or, as I suspect, does it merely involve midgets?

And then I realized that I think too much and deleted the damned thing.

Full post here.
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