joannaravenclaw (joannaravenclaw) wrote in metaquotes,

A scene in the Senate

tully_monster, in cranky_editors, discusses her thoughts regarding a headline typo in which "BUSH ASKS CONGRESS FOR $87 BILLION" was mistakenly ran as "BUSH ASKS CONGRESS FOR $87"

Sen. Lieberman: Now, George, you have to learn some responsibility. Money doesn't grow on trees.

GWB: But I need $87! Please?

Sen. Hagel: Look, the last time we gave you that much money you spent it all on video games and pizza.

GWB: I'll pay you back, I promise!

Sen. Kennedy: I tell you what, George. You earn $43, and we'll spring for the other $44.

Sen. Boxer: Ted! What did I tell you about giving in to him like that? He'll never learn the value of a dollar if we keep coddling him!

GWB: You guys never let me have any fun.

The comments are pretty good, too.
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