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From eccentric_star, here.

I must say, I am horrified by the riots in France right now.

How does it happen that such huge numbers of people are so very angry that they resort to such primitive actions to express themselves? I mean, I understand there are things very wrong within their system that have resulted in biased treatment of many citizens, but I can't fathom that anyone feels their violence and vandalism are going to prove anything to anyone. [...] Obviously it began because of the accidental deaths of the two teenagers. But even though everyone recognizes this has gone way beyond that now, no one can pinpoint exactly what is causing the longevity and intensity. Primal instincts and amusement, apparently. Where are the parents of these thirteen and fifteen and eighteen year olds, and why did they not teach their children that fire, guns, and fists were unacceptable?

I have always been a big advocate of the ultimate good in people, but this is starting to make me doubt it.
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