..... (vixenesque93) wrote in metaquotes,

justaminuet has a warning for all males in customers_suck.

Announcement to any and all males!

Regardless of what you may think, there are some things in life that when you're told "Do not try this at home," you really shouldn't try it at home.

Case in point.

You ever own or see a fish tank? You know the thick, rather large plastic tubing that's used for the air pump? It helps circulate the water, and keep algae from forming. That tubing? It works great for a fish tank.

However, it will not help you enlarge your penis. Even if you somehow manage to insert it, and shove it up as far as you can before trying to blow up your penis up like it was a balloon.

No. Seriously. This will not work.

It will, on the other hand, get the tubing completely stuck inside you, and make you double over in pain to the point where you're practically hopping when you arrive at your urologist's office. It will also cause your doctor to force you to stay in a room while an ambulance is called, and his staff is desperately trying not to laugh at your gargantuan stupidity.

It should also be known that during the emergency operation that took place to remove said tubing, pictures were taken. As the one who set up your chart for your post op, trust me. No tubing on earth could've helped you down there, anyway. Moron.
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