Rikoshi Kisaragi (rikoshi) wrote in metaquotes,
Rikoshi Kisaragi

On Cats

Chester is missing!


Chester is missing.

Chester is, apparently, a small orange cat. Chester's owner has a PA system hooked up to speakers and he's pointed the speakers out his window and for the last hour, he's been yelling "CHEEESSSSTERRRRRRRR.... where are you? Chester? Chester come home. CHESTER. CHESSSSTERRRR! " over and over. It is making Tiki bark incessantly. It is making me want to go yell something rude at him about why Chester left home.

I gotta say though, if you want to simultaneously surf the net and look for your cat, that's pretty amazingly smart.

Loud, too.

Oh. My. God. Is it ever loud.

I begin to wonder if Chester isn't perhaps hiding because of pain in his ears.

I hope Chester goes home.

If I find Chester, I will return him home immediately.

I feel bad for this guy because he obviously adores Chester and it is breaking his heart and this is the only way he knows to let Chester know that he is missing and wanted. And still surf the net. In his jammies. While finding Chester.

I hope Chester is okay.

I also kinda hope that the guy with the PA system knocks it hte hell off. Soon. Because it's been an hour of nonstop "CHESTER!" and well...


Calling Chester is pointless. What he needs to do is open some tuna, set it on the windowsill and point a fan over it. Or maybe record the sound of the can opener. That'll get Chester home.

- from this entry by ame_chan
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