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lost_in_my_room somehow stumbled across this website. He shared it with his girlfriend and it got them talking about what people think to themselves while plunging to their deaths from the Golden Gate Bridge.

"this is it. all it takes is one jump and it'll all be over. what if
someone stops me, i better go to the middle. they will take a long
time to get to me from either side and i'll be gone by then... here
goes... 1, 2... 3


wow, the city is really pretty from here. wonder why i never noticed
it before. there's that little noodle place i used to go to when i was
in college. boy am i hungry. i could really go for some noodles right
now. that would be great. some noodles, a beer, i used to do that with
Mitch all the time. i wonder what Mitch is up to these days. i should
call him. maybe i'll call him tonight and see if he wants to get
noodles with me and we can catch up. as soon as i'm done with this
i'll... oh crap"


does this make me a bad person?
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