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Another Tidbit from Neil

Here Neil Gaiman amuses us again (I really should stop metaquoting him):

I did a quick google and noticed that the Daily Telegraph still spells it like that and then I had to read the story about unicycling doctors and I learned that After Paula Dadswell complained, she received a letter from hospital managers assuring her that in future all unicycling on the ward would be restricted to "special occasions" and then I learned that Ronald Pearsall was dead, and got to the point in the obituary where it mentioned that he was part of a team that wrote Dennis Wheatley thrillers after Wheatley died, and then I went to a Wheatley bibliography page and established that he didn't seem to have published much in the way of thrillers after he died in 1977 and then realised I was in one of those evil timesinks that the internet does so well...


Well, there you have it. College students aren't the only ones sucked into the internet on a regular basis.
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