The Lady of Unsanity (jedilora) wrote in metaquotes,
The Lady of Unsanity

The fabulous karenhealey has a public service announcement. The whole thing is wonderful, but the testimonials are the best part, no question.

"After years of encouraging women to starve themselves in pursuit of an impossible beauty ideal, I was once again about to refuse a piece of chocolate. Then I thought - would Karen kick my ass? I took the chocolate, and the next day I went out and ate a cheeseburger. Thanks, WKKMA!" - K Moss, London.

"Tried beyond endurance, I was about to go to the Dark Side, join my father, and rule the Empire at his side. Then I realised - if I did this, Karen would certainly kick my ass." - L Skywalker, a galaxy far away.

"I was going to leave a nasty flame in response to someone's post, complete with racial slurs, rude suggestions about their parentage, and maybe a few insinuations about the original poster's sexual habits. But then I looked at the picture of Karen on my desktop, and had a change of heart. Thx, Karen! :-D" - Anonymous Troll.

"I was considering staying with Jennifer and resisting the charms of Angelina Jolie. But then I thought - if I told Karen I'd passed up this chance, would she kick my ass? I went for it and I couldn't be happier." B Pitt, Los Angeles.

Find out all about WKKMA here, and make a change in your life today!
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