Ang (angledge) wrote in metaquotes,

The Spirit of Halloween haunts this week's LJDQ.

Spooks, ghosts, & spirits were the theme for the Quiz this week. Highlights:

In a pivotal match against the Wolverines, Red Grange ran four touchdowns in the first 12 minutes and rushed for 405 yards throughout the game. What nickname did this feat earn him?

"I don't watch sports. Unless the men get sweaty and start slapping each other's asses. In which case, I watch with rapt attention, waiting for them to start making out. Maybe they'll have a wet tshirt contest and a pillow fight. In my mind, all sweaty men become lesbians." - jedimartini

Which book by Norton Juster has Milo encountering such curious characters as The Whether Man, The Dodecahedron, and a "watch" dog named Tock?

"If the 'watch' dog went gamboling through the bushes, he might end up with a Tock tick!" - feste

"Ohshit, I know this one! I was the only firstgrader who could read, so the teacher made me read it to the rest of the class during storytime and yelled at me when I didn't make them all sit down and shut up and listen! I think she was a drunk." - the_wanlorn

Who or what would you haunt during your afterlife?

"Irvine Spectrum Theater. 21 screens, including an IMAX. Let's see them catch me sneaking into movies now!" - cmzero

"The Internet.
'By the pricking of my thumbs, something's.'
'13 Error: BOO!'" - scifantasy

For more answers (including the Correct Answers), check out our latest post. Then join our evergrowing army of the undead & play the LJDQ!
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