a slice of cosmic cheesecake (fiercerose) wrote in metaquotes,
a slice of cosmic cheesecake

Some hilarious comments to a post in wtf_inc of a scanned-in flyer urging people to support a ban on gay marriage. (Warning: The flyer itself may induce feelings of rage)

gabiechick: That sure convinced me. Now, back to the kitchen I go. Must cook for my husband (whom I adore but not as much as I adore Christ) and pop out a Miracle Baby for the Christian Army. Praise the Lord!!!

rikoshi: Meanwhile, I, the godless heathen sodomite, will just have to gaze in through your window with my greedy homo eyes, someday wishing that I could just break on into your house, still your Miracle Baby, and raise him to be a good, greedy little cocksucker for the Agenda.
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