Maree (ms_maree) wrote in metaquotes,

on pyschos and perverts

On looking for room-mates which aren't psychos or perverts

ms_maree: I was also going to add that most serial killers live by themselves or with their dead mothers in remote creepy looking hotels but it's probably best to have one for a room-mate, you're guaranteed not to be one of their victims, they don't generally kill people they know.

namco_: i'd be really amused if one came with a rocking chair and a blanket over the body with his excuse of:

'I hope you didn't mind me bringing my mother, she won't distburb you - she's only around for novelty reasons'


ms_maree: Can you politely carve someone up? 'Excuse me, I'm just going to hang you on a hook alive, could you please be quiet while I do so. Thanks'

pwaring: 'please stop screaming, i've got neighbours upstairs and it's only a cat scratch'

All from here.

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