Jonn Wood: Defective human, return to factory (mcity) wrote in metaquotes,
Jonn Wood: Defective human, return to factory

Over at bad_rpers_suck, there is a discussion on spelling.
scraadin:I was recently informed that spelling was only for school.

artheleron: It is! School, jobs, bank account or loan applications, credit card applications, contest entries, rebate forms, common fucking decency on the internet, police reports, insurance claims, lawsuits, spelling your damn name, it only matters in school, right? Next time I need to fill out a form to apply for a job, under reason for applying I'm going to put "bcuz u roxxorz nd i likz vdeo gaemz, expesaly teh fianl fantsy stuph"

Oh yeah man, gainful employment here I come!
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