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A Tip for us all
breshef wrote in metaquotes
spin_guy has this little piece of good advice for us all:

Never sweep back the hair that's in your eye with the hand that's holding a scalple, because you end up stabbing yourself in the neck.

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I actually spent the last few minutes working out the motions, pretending to accidentally stab myself in the neck in order to figure out how exactly one would stab themselves in the neck when moving hair from his or her eyes before I realized that this person must have hair that is much longer than mine and now people are looking at me and I feel ridiculous


I have the power to make you do things in real life? I feel so special ^_^

oh don't worry; I was like "umm, wouldn't you stab yourself in the forehead? that's what I would do..." and I never stopped to think that hair length has anything to do with it.

the sad part? I have fairly long hair.

My headphones go around the back of my head and have these pointy bits in the front that are just lethal. I've accidentally stabbed people in the face at least twice when the phones were around my neck and I was trying to give them a hug.

I've hit people in the face with my flute twice while trying to hug them. But one of them nearly strangled me on the shoulder braids of his uniform, so I guess it all evens out.

Band is just plain dangerous. Our director in high school thought that getting students to carry a stand, a chair, and an instrument at the same time was a good way to clear a stage.At that point, bass clarinets, tenor saxes, and all low brass become not instruments of music but instruments of pain.

Oh god, my band director had the same theory. Which also held for pep band, which was far far away from the band room. And I played flute AND picc. XP

Bass clarinet. And people wondered why I went through so many reeds. And why I kept smacking them when I was just holding onto the beast with a neckstrap. Endpins are not fun things to be smacked with, I've been told.

Caroling with flute, picc, stand, and music. Fortunately I had a jacket with big pockets.

And of course none of this even begins to cover marching band injuries...


Thank goodness we didn't march.

Meh marching band injuries, they were nothing! Of course as a member of the guard I was the one inflicting injuries frequently. Trumpets don't get out of my way? They bleed. *nods*

Of course said colorguard injuries applied to me in the fact that I had hand and arm bruises from August through April and lost a third of one of my teeth by throwing a helicopter toss into my mouth and managed to catch an overhead toss from another member with my forehead from across the room...

OK maybe I lost out on the injury front...

Hahaha, now thats a good metaquote.

"Help, I'm bleeeeeeding...."

Dammit, now I've got that Interpol song stuck in my head...

~You go stabbing yourself in the neck...~

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