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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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wofl_iron wrote in metaquotes
kasaii has a tragic experience at breakfast ([Edit] Apparently, it was not breakfast, but a case of the munchies at 1 AM. Still funny though) :

Maria's dog just ate my cereal, which was the very last in the bag..

I am about to cry.

I said "Sheppa, I hate you. ;_;"

And she wagged her tail at me.

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For the record, "breakfast" was actually 1 am. And it was the munchies.
And I was incredibly high when I wrote that entry.
Although I really did almost cry over my lost cereal.

which makes it even better. :p

poor cereal. T_T

Haha, oh man.

Once in that state my girlfriend opened the freezer and an unopened bottle of Limoncello fell out and shattered on the floor. There were tears.

Lol OMG cute...I'm so glad you felt a need to metaquote this! This is the most cute, witty, adorable thing I've ever read! OMG sheer genius.

yus. :p kasaii is full of stuff like that. But usually it's got a lot of context and is spread out, so I was overjoyed to see one that I could quote in just a few lines.

plus she was high

Haha. Reminds me of my dog. I swear, I could kick her in the head, and she'd still wag her tail. As long as I acknowledged her existence.

dogs are just happy like that ^___^

LOL it reminds you of your dog?! That is a major coincidence, lol lol lol

Sometimes my dog will be sitting in the bathroom because he did something bad and he's pre-emptively punishing himself. And I have no DAMN idea what he did so I have to search the house for Doggy Evil.

lol, that's meta-quote worthy, too.

The phrase "Doggy Evil" is easily the funniest thing I've read all day, although I will admit that I'm very, very tired.

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