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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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On France and Hair gel, and the love of SLRs
Red Hair
moogle3d wrote in metaquotes
chenry discussed (on msn, then posted on lj) what to bring to visit his girlfriend who is on exchange attending university in Paris. They decided bringing hair gel to "make a sexy faux hawk" would be a good idea....
plus how to kill yourself on an airplane if you accidently break your gf's SLR en route...
(quoted with permission from a friends only post)

sanita: but really, i love the faux hawk
chris: i'll bring the goopy shit
chris: whussit called..gel
sanita: goo
chris: then we'll sex up the hair and shit
sanita: yes
sanita: rough
chris: and we'll be so sexy, the eiffel tower will wanna bang me.


chris: if i broke your slr, i'd prob'ly try and kill myself on the plane.
in the bathroom or something. not sure how, i can't bring anything pointy.
and i'm pretty sure its impossible to "hold your breath 'til you die"

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does this mean i'm famous?

Okay, I probably lose at the internets but I have to say in my defence that I'm no native speaker: what is an SLR?

Single Lens Reflex camera. sorry I shouldn't have abbreviated that.

(Deleted comment)
Indeed. The SLR (the name given in English to the Belgian-made FN FAL) was the standard battle rifle in the British Army before the introduction of the SA-80 (which is the better-known name for the Lee-Enfield L-85...)

And, for what it's worth, it looks like this:

The SA-80 is the old designator for the main British rifle. It was revamped and became the L85A2 after NATO removed the SA-80 from its list of approved weapons.

The designator SA-80 usually refers to the SA-80A2, a carbine version of the L85A2.

I'll have to remember that when I go shopping for guns to shoot all the kids at school who make fun of me. :D

not as a carry-on. :P those go in checked baggage.

Don't worry. I actually own one and didn't realize that's what he meant without the explanation. Too many abbreviations on the net and not enough context in that post!

Funny post, though!

I still don't know if I own one because my vocabulary is next to non-existent when it comes to photography. So is my knowledge :)

I didn't know what SLR was either.

*adds to friendslist*

When you look through the viewer on your camera, do you see exactly what's in front of the lens? An SLR has mirrors that reflect what's in front of the lens up to the viewfinder. Hint: SLRs are usually bulkier than other cameras too.


yeah I know I should have said "camera..." in the first place.. oh well.. I could edit I suppose.. but then these comments wouldn't make sense.

glad you enjoyed.

::falls off Eiffel Tower laughing::

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