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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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(no subject)
maggiebloome wrote in metaquotes
A statements thread, starting with the post:

kaleidoscop1c: One thing about the statements community is. . . the comments are often as cryptic as the posts.
forunlawfulck: iawtc
kaleidoscop1c: iawtp, you mean?
forunlawfulck: It can go either way.
overyonder: Like a bisexual.

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So it's attracted to both Ariel and Times New Roman fonts?

Yeah. But not comic sans. Only weirdos are into that heavy stuff.

Oh, I dunno. I think a lot of us have wanted to indulge in a little italicizing and underlining, if you catch my drift.

Ooh, capitalize me, you dirty little underscore!

Yes! Punctuate me! Give it to me in the subscript!

Word. My inbox feels slightly dirty now.

I am pretending to be quite horrified, but secretly wish I could do the same.

Thank you, Ted; that was the joke.

</Family Guy>

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