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(no subject)
Pinky Scumbag
punk_rock_nerd wrote in metaquotes
mawaridi, in a friends-locked post provides a lesson on Subtle Flirting. Specifically; what NOT to do, with an example from a party she went to.


Me (drunk)
A nerdy but nice guy whose name I can't remember (henceforth: NBNG)

NBNG: *rambling nervously in an OMG-am-alone-with-girl sense* Blah blah blah. Blah! Blah blah blah blah.
Me: I have no idea what you're talking about. So are you going to kiss me or are you just going to stand there?
NBNG: ...! Um. Probably just stand here.
Me: Ok.
NBNG: But I might lean in a bit.
My Brain: Oh dear. *FACEPALM*
Me: Shut up, brain. I choose to interpret this as "I am not revolted by you, please snog me." *snogs*
NBNG: Heh...I don't do this very often.
My Brain: I can tell.
Me: That's ok, I do.
My Brain: Oh, you did not just say that.
*more snogging*
NBNG: Maybe I will come to this choir thing after all. Heh heh.
My Brain: Oh, crap.
Me: Well, this was fun. But, you know. Just a one-time fun...thing.
NBNG: *blushing* Oh, yeah, I knew that.

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hahaha that last line made it all worth it


Before my bf and I got together we were sitting on my front step. He was rambing and I said "you going to kiss me or what?" he laughed and said "well I am now".

Yes, shameless hussy :P

*I want a shameless hussy, just once*

I may have asked you this already.

Were you once in the monarchy Forums? Perhaps as someones sex slave?

Not to my knowledge... sex slave kinda sounds fun though!

...I think I know that guy...

Hahaha I've done that once... Twas my first kiss too :o

I'm so glad I have a girlfriend I can molest in times like that. ;)

I've done that. Several times. In the light of sobriety day, it was never a good idea.

Oh dear. This is what happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I am around anyone male when drunk. Would happen when I was with gals also, but most of them are able to duck when drunk and not fall over. But yeah...I need to be drunk...

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