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jaig wrote in metaquotes
fallenravie is in denial about her nonexistent existent boyfriend.

Phil (the one people think I like and loves to egg them on): Jess, why are you being so mean to me?
Me: I'm not, you dimwit.
Phil: SEE? We used to get along.
Me: Uh, no we didn't.
Phil: Yes, we did. I know we did, 'cause we're still friends. You're just mean to me. You're abusive. I think it's an expression of your love.
Me: What love?!
Phil: You're so in love with me it's sort of sad.
Me: !! I AM NOT.
Phil: Which is okay, because I'm totally in love with you, too.
Andy: *keeps laughing and giving me looks*
Phil: Look at how you treat me. This is ridiculous.
Me: You're right, this is ridiculous.
Phil: Whatever, I can't take this. This relationship is over.

flocked post, quoted with permission

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Rather unrelated, but I have major love for your icon. Vendetta makes me have squeeface.

Summary of Making Fiends:

Charlotte: Heehee!
Vendetta: HATE j00.
Charlotte: Oh, Vendetta! We're best friends!

things are funny like that. with me, me and my ex were at a party and played liek we were still together and did this huge breakup scene in front of everyone, complete with a lot of "fuck you"s and "it's over"s. i swear everyone there didnt know what to think, like they were getting front row seats to THE breakup of the end of summer. then they really didnt know what to think when he just pat me on the head and walked inside. i think to this day they still dont know what they had witnessed and are trying to fade it out of memory.

and now im back with that ex. i dont know how the hell this shit happens LOL

... I read that whole thing thinking "Jess" was "Jesus." x)

no fucking way, icon love!!! i'm going to be charlotte for halloween! no lie!

I was expecting at least one person to ask why you linked us when it was f'locked. No one did, so now I have to. So here goes:


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