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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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seiberwing wrote in metaquotes
Taken from this post.

Also, I learned today that you should never do a breast self-exam with your eyes closed. 'Cause otherwise you're going to go "OMG BREAST CANCER!... oh wait, nipple."

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Hahaha! Oh wow. That's cute!
Sounds like something I would do.

"Oh God, oh God, a lump, a l-nope, Cheeto." *crunch*

You keep Cheetoes in your breasts?

(Deleted comment)

I nearly just snorted milk out of my nose. And I'm not even drinking milk!

I had a gummi bear in my bra once and thought it was a lump on my boob, so I was really scared of taking it off and looking... the gummi bear was tasty though. And warm. Why can't cancer be like that?

Of course cancer is chewy and fruit-flavored. That's why really why doctors want to take it out.

There was an X-Files episode where a guy had to eat cancer. By doing so, he could regenerate whole parts of himself that were severed, or burned.

Ironically, it was played by the same actor who played Romano in ER, and Romano couldn't regenerate a helicopter-severed arm.

Dude, I think my nipple would notice.

Some peoples nipples don't have any feeling. Like mine. So sad.

"You gotta do the best you can. And KNIT out twice a day."

I love The Cheat!! That icon is so incredibly awesome!

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