Mat Bowles (matgb) wrote in metaquotes,
Mat Bowles

Any Vacancies?

nadriel has an idea for a job he could do...
Are you an Evil Overlord? Sick of incompetent minions screwing up your plans for world domination?

What you need is nadriel as your henchman.

  • Lack of desire to be a target Evil Overlord means no worries about being usurped.
  • Patented Is Not Actually Evil technology will confuse the do-gooders who break into your lair.
  • Built in "My Lord, that's a bloody stupid idea" feature means you can finally ditch that 5 year old advisor.

All these features and more available at a reasonable price- get in contact now for more details*, and remember, if you're not taking over the world well enough, maybe you need nadriel...

* Offer does not apply to George Bush or anyone without decent internet facilities. Terms and conditions apply.

That's the full entry, but any offers should be made here.
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