sphynx the recalcitrant mynx (sphynxlike) wrote in metaquotes,
sphynx the recalcitrant mynx

Oh, millym, you made my day:

We are aware that we do not have the candy you seek. Nay, to first get this candy, you must first pass the 3 trials! Trial one: Defeat the triple headed minotaur whore of Bargemmn! Trial two: Deliver a child who yea, their very soul lays upon a fate that we are not to let fall into destruction. Trial three: REALIZE WE DON'T HAVE THE FUCKING CANDY YOU WANT. When you finish all three trials, you will be a better human. No, you don't get the scepter of divine eyes, but hey, we think that a job well done is its own reward.

more here, in customers_suck
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