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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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Yet another sages_of_chaos post...
raisedbymoogles wrote in metaquotes
...well, what can I say? Sages of Chaos is endlessly amusing. From this post discussing the fashion preferences of duck superheroes, Darkwing Duck weighs in...

sexiest_mvolt: Then your lack of pants is a fashion statement?

quacksnthenight: Justice doesn't need pants!

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but solomon grundy want pants.

*snicker* I was hoping some of DW's antics would be meta'd.

Justice has no pants, justice needs no pants.

If justice wants style, justice needs pants.

You're right, it's Gondor that has and needs no pants. I always get those two confused.

Funny you say that with a Batman icon, considering some recent posts at scans_daily. :)


I used the Batman icon deliberately and with much brooding. Because Batman makes everything funnier.

This calls for... EMERGENCY PANTS

Oh yes.

*snicker* Damn you and that icon!

Gotta bibble.

Gotta bibble!

Gotta bibble!

Got a bibble on my finger and I can't bib it off!

Disney Afternoon LOVE.
That is all. :)

...I'd make a relevant comment, but I'm too busy squealing and flailing about. DARKWING DUCK = BEST THING EVAR OMG.

Yeah. I'm pretty much the same. I've recently fallen back into the wonder that is Darkwing.


I fucking LOVE that cereal!

What I always loved most about old Donald Duck cartoons was that he'd happily go pantsless most of the time, but as soon as he lost his shirt he'd turn bright red... and cover his crotch. The pathology there is fascinating. ;D

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