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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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Take a breath, please!
missysedai wrote in metaquotes
mavis_maude has apparently been using the random function again:

The widespread eschewing of punctuation and capitalization in writing that is oozing through casual writing outlets like this one will eventually be the demise of the human race. It is leading us inexorably to a place where everyone talks in a monotone without taking a breath and says "OH EM GEE!" to show that they are excited, baffled, amused, or perhaps, just sat down on a tack.

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actually, i do say "oh em gee" when i really don't want to make a HUGE deal out of something.

I do that, but it's just to be ironic, I swear!

You are so right, and now I'm sad.

On the bright side, my English degree will be considered a scholary achievement ("Look, Ma, I can decipher a dead language! OMG!") in this bright post-apocalyptic world rather than a footnote in my impending career of fast-food management.

Yup. There was actually an article in the NYT some years back about students who used emoticons and netspeak in school papers; they couldn't understand why this wasn't acceptable for school.

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