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on doing laundry in public
Gene Kelly
cactus_rs wrote in metaquotes
Some soulless person removed my clothes from the dryer while they were still WET and put their clothes in there. The issue: To pour some bleach in or to pour some more bleach in?


And THAT (both the offense and the resulting vengeance) is why I never leave my clothes in the laundry room.

same. when i had to use public laundry i always stayed with it because i was paranoid someone would try something with it. i have taken clothes out of dryers before (ten dryers, all of them full, wtf?), but i always, always made sure the clothes were dry. i always felt bad for doing it, too, because it's kind of weird to go through other people's clothes. i would just try to pick a dryer that didn't have undies in it. :/

Aw, I wonder where they put the clothes. Betcha on the dirty floor.

Pour the whole damn jug of bleach. Totally destroy all clothes.

Forget the Bleach; go for the "oops! I lost the cap" Sharpie.

Well, I suppose it depends on the clothing in the dryer. If they're whites, than you're right.. bleach wouldn't do a hell of a lot of good. But if they're colored, bleach could be quite nice.

Or horrible. But that part's subjective.

Pour more bleach in, of course.


Dripping wet - that's not funny. But I admit I belong to the soulless people who put clothes out of dryers that have finished ther cycles ;) see my other comment for reasons.

I pull clothes out of washers/dryers that have finished their cycles (in a dorm situation with 100+ people using only a couple of washers and dryers, its necessesary), but I always put them in a basket or a clear plastic bag. What always boggles my mind is how long some people will leave their clothes down there. I'm not talking hours, mind you. Days, weeks, even months! Nice clothes, too. After the end of the term the clothes that haven't been claimed get donated, and I always dig through the recycling bin and grab the nice stuff. Got me a new pair of Pumas and some fancy dress shirts that way.

Heh, yeah, I believe the halls that I live in have 128 people, sharing 2 washers and dryers. The problem here is, there's NO WHERE in the laundry shed that is clean enough to put the left clothes. But it doesn't happen that often any more since some got nicked...

One of our washing machines is broken though, but in a good way. Instead of charging you £1.60 for a wash, it charges £0.20. Flats set up tag teams to make sure that they get that one, and no-one else!

While stealing dryer time is a capital offense, if you leave your clothes unguarded in a public laundry, you don't get to bitch.

While I haven't had my clothes moved from the washers or dryers, I have had a steadily decreasing number of undies. Either I am leaving them behind in the dryer -- which are up higher than I am tall -- and somebody's getting interesting editions to their loads or someone's snitching girls' undies. I'm not sure which is worse.

Did I tell you the story about my laundry adventure a few weeks ago?

I put my clothes in the washer and went back to get my other laundry basket full, and when I came back there was a dude looking very closely at my laundry. As in, he was taking one piece of it out of the washer at a time, looking at it, and putting it back. Right. So I let him know I was there (clearly he was preoccupied). I have never seen anyone jump that high from a standing position except in a ballet.

I am stalking you this week, aren't I?

Happened to me, too. I was washing clothes one morning that I NEEDED for that afternoon. Went to check on them, they were sitting on the FLOOR, sopping wet and covered in dirt and dust. I just about cried. So I left a lovely message on the door to the laundry room, telling whatever fucker stole my laundry time would be killed if I figured out who it was. Now, I tend to take my homework to the laundry room to supervise my laundry. When it costs $2 to do a load, I can't afford for that to happen again. Fuckers.

Wow. I've had to use public laundry facilities a few times in my life. Never had problems like this.

At the last place, I even felt comfy enough to leave my clothes in the dryer and go for a drive. Came back, all there. o_o;

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop the next time I need to use a public laundry. It'd probably be something one-of-a-kind that gets nicked, too. -_-;

I left my laundry alone once and when I came back there were rotten lobster parts in it. I never left my laundry alone again.

I'm so thankful our dorm washers and dryers lock when they turn on, so you can't open them until they've run their course!

Yeah, lock. All you need is a but of brute force...

I broke open a nearby ink pen and tossed it in the dryer when the jackhole in my old apartment building did that for the upteenth time. He thought the whole place belonged to him and would blissfully steal washer and dryer time as well as laundry detergent.

I also suspect that he was the moron who used too much powdered bleach in the washing machine whose residue ruined several pieces of the hubby's & my laundry.

on one hand, I'd be right pissed off. On the other...was the cycle finished before you came back?

In the residence I lived in, there were 8 buildings of 8 apartments, 6 occupants to an apartment. There were 8 washers and 8 dryers for the entire residence.

I made it a point to take a book or some homework with me, and stay in the laundry room. If I wasn't back before my cycle was up, I knew that my laundry would be pulled out, soaking wet or not.

It's a courtesy thing, really. I'm not about to pay another dollar so someone's clothing is fully dry because they're not smart enough to watch the time. I don't expect people to do that for me either.