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So I'm NaNo'ing, and I needed a bit of inspiration and a name for a cast extra in the village, and hop over to a great generator site, the name generator at

I get my guy's name, and I still need a little bit of a push for ideas for this guy, who he is in the village, that sort of thing, so I head to the Quest/NPC generator list.

The first thing my eyes landed on made me start to giggle. It generated an evil male character who's a midwife. An evil male midwife.

I didn't realize it was such an equal-opportunity time back in a medieval/fantasy setting. Isn't being a midwife a woman's job (hence the wife bit?)

So now I have this mental image of somebody like Grima Wormtongue playing at being a midwife or a nursemaid -- in drag. I'm either very amused, or very disturbed.
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