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That ginmar sure has a way with words!

I have to say, ginmar is definitely the most-often metaquotes'd person on my flist.  The entire post is entertaining, so be sure to check it out.  It's not very long, and I had a hard time deciding what to quote.  QWP.

Is there something wrong with my carpet? I mean, seriously, does it smell or something? Because the cats are avoiding it like it's diseased or infested with...sharks. Or politicians. I know this because I just took an inventory. Of cats, not infestations, which is the only way one could describe a whole bunch of pols. Or sharks. Whatever.

and later in the entry...

I did absolutely nothing worthwhile today at all except bake a chicken. That sounds odd. It sounds like I just grabbed a chicken and tossed in the oven without any sort of preamble at all. "Oh, lookie, here's a chicken." SQUAWK! Hey, it works for lobsters, right? Now I've just grossed myself out. I couldn't do that, to a lobster, that is. I could quite easily do it to a troll, though. Or a politician.

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