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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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Batman's Day Planner.
wal_lace wrote in metaquotes
In response to an intriguing post on scans_daily, vzg posts

Noon-12:30 -- Brood about Dick.
12:35-1:25 -- Brood about dead parents.
1:30-2:00 -- Brood about endangering minors.
2:05-2:10 -- Prank call Superman.
2:15-5:00 -- Brood about anyone I've ever known who is dead.
5:05-5:29 -- Brood about dead parents again.
5:30 -- Say "I'm Batman" out loud.
5:31-5:55 -- Brood about last villain captured.
6:00-6:30 -- Dinner.
6:45-7:30 -- Pretend to be interested in company.
7:45-8:00 -- Pretend to be heterosexual.
8:00-9:00 -- Brood about not actually being heterosexual.
9:05-10:30 -- Brood about people who could possibly one day die in the future, maybe.
10:45-10:50 -- Check on news.
11:00-4:00 -- BATMAN
4:30-9:00 -- Sleep, with periods of random brooding.
9:30-11:30 -- Brood about parents, Dick, Jason, Tim, Steph, Barabara, Alfred, and Catwoman, in that order.

If you haven't seen it, it's also worth going there just to see vzg's icon, which is absolutely of the strong.

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Change a couple of names and you've got Angel's planner.

(Deleted comment)
You know he cheats and sneaks it in before the specified time.

There's a community for dancing icons?

Wow. I have been lax.

11:00-4:00 -- BATMAN
4:30-9:00 -- Sleep, with periods of random brooding.

*sprays papaya juice*

Also, your icon is most definitely of the strong. Strongest, in fact.

=D YAY VEEZ for being funny again.

And I would love to hear this prank call to Superman. o_o; "CHEESEDOODLES." (Don't ask, joke from school.)

"Is your refridgerator running at the speed of light?"


"Then why don't you... oh, wait. Um....!"


"Dude, you supersuck!"



I'm so proud of her.

Awww, poor Commissioner Gordon. Nobody ever broods about him.

*broods about Commissioner Gordon*

Noon-12:30 -- Brood about Dick.

Judges also would have accepted...

5:30 -- Say "I'm Batman" out loud.

"Mr. Keaton?"
"I'm Batman."
"No, you are not."

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