Trisha Lynn (trishalynn) wrote in metaquotes,
Trisha Lynn

The things you learn at the ljdq

In response to this question:

4. What breed of cattle comes in Red and Black varieties?

...someone went off on a squicky tangent:

"I once temped for the Virginia Angus Association. There I learned the following: Bulls are never put with cows, since (a) they tend to like the rough stuff, which is hard on the cows, and (b) that's a waste of good semen. So what they do, is bring the bull into a place with a steer (a castrated bull), which is apparently enough to excite the bull, and when he goes to mount the steer, they break it up, and some brave soul hops under and, ahem, applies some sort of collecting apparatus to the bull. Said collection is then divided up into doses, called "straws," and sold all over the country for farmers to artificially inseminate their cows. Which is generally done by wearing a looooong glove." - barbarienne

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