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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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(no subject)
shake djibouti
montrealais wrote in metaquotes
nihilicious quipped:

Katrina, Rita, Wilma...
Does anyone else think this year's list of tragic hurricanes reads a little bit like a lost verse to "Mambo Number 5"?

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Just dropping in to worship the icon.

The funny part is, I had the very same thought....

Well, "Rita" is in the first verse, so he'd have to pick another one. ("I like Angela, Pamela, Sandra, and Rita..." It gets rhymed with "sweeter." Also, a little bit of Rita is all he needs.)

Enormous icon love.

But boooo, for now that song is stuck in my head. And that song is evil. Mambo #5, that is.

(Deleted comment)
I shall join in the merry icon love, although now I have that song stuck in my head.

Mambo #5 gets stuck in my head too easily! It's evil!

I always think of it as the Bill Clinton song.

I actually have a Bill Clinton spoof of Mambo #5 somewhere on my computer... Or I used to :P

That's the best thing I've heard all day.

Dammit, now that song is stuck in my head.

ARGH. Now I am filking that in my head, and it is NOT RIGHT. DAMMIT.

Bwaha. Actually, now that y'all mention it, yeah, it kind of does.
Fuck. Now that stupid song is stuck in my head.

You win at life for having an icon with Djibouti (AKA t3h best country e\/4r!!!11one1) in it.

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