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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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Surprise kitty
creativexangst wrote in metaquotes
My exboyfriend-Jeff, AKA torturedpoet5

Yeah. I have to admit, I tried smoking. I've come to the conclusion that its a little like sex. It's fun with friends, but when you are alone its just not worth the mutilation.

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(Deleted comment)
lack of linking aside- that's a pretty damn funny quote :)

Wait a minute, whose quote is this, anyway?


You can't Metaquote yourself, so I was wondering who you were quoting...

Your icon definitely makes me the happiest person ever.

"My exboyfriend-torturedpoet5" is whom I'm asuming she is metaquoting.

I know, what kind of sex is he having?


so...interesting self sex :D

So what kind of masturbation is he doing?

apparently some kind with razorblades....

to quote my current boyfriend "the only mutilation is if you beat it like it owes you money!"

Ciggies=bad for you....although i wasn't sure why sex with your self is bad..?

He's totally wrong. I loved those early morning or late at night introspective cigarettes. The nic rush is amazing.

Yes, I'm quitting. Yes, it's very hard.

NY state sends free nic patchs in stages 1 2 and 3 based on how long you've been smoking. I think that's comendable that your quitting :D

Free nic patches? That's amazing. And completely unfair.

I would have to disagree with that.

Thanks, but context is for wussies.

(If you leave the quote alone, it's a lot funnier.)

i will. I was at school, so i couldn[t do all of the nifty editing.

Awesome. :) I can never remember the codes myself, which is Very Bad Thing, I'm told.

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