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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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Irene - self
spiralstairs wrote in metaquotes
Metameta of velocityboy here. The history geek in me got the giggles:

Yelling, "Vlad Tepes was a national hero, plus he invented the lawn ornament!" in crowded places... which as my quirk I can only attempt to defend, is neither cute nor very smile-worthy.

Also, Vlad the Impaler wasn't nearly as cuddly as Mr. Bear.

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Hahah, excellent.

This is made even funnier by the fact that i just finished a paper on him.

It only counts if you pronounce his name right. Anyone overheard saying "Teepees" will be shot on sight.

(Kidding! Though my inner history geek does cringe whenever she hears that. Eeesh.)

in Romanian dialects, the 't' is pronounced as an 's' or a 'sh', making it She-pesh or Seh-pesh. Everyone should date a Romanian for further fun facts.

Yeah- if that were a lower-case 't', it would have the little tail...thing.

*is attempting to teach herself Romanian*

Oh dear. I was recently playing Kings Quest VII again (ah, the memories...) and now i know why there was a Lord and LAdy Tsepish. Hoo-ray!

The mental image of flamingos and gnomes skewered on pikes shall keep me warm tonight. Thank you for the (delightfully twisted) laugh.

That had the dual effect of making me want to impale people on lawn flamingos and to tape a picture of Vlad to my body pillow and have a nice snuggle.

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