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Behold! The metameta!

In this thread to a recent metaquote about... um... sex with Jesus, bpcslave commented:

In bed with Jesus, it wouldn't matter if you were suffering your time of the month...

Jesus: How about it, my child?
Jesu-groupie: Sorry J, I'm being visited by Aunt Flo.
Jesus: Ok, how about... THIS? *puts hands down J-G's pants*
Jesu-Groupie: Wow, what are you doing?
Jesus: By the power of Me, I heal thy disintegrating uterus lining!
Jesu-Groupie: Yay! Let's party like it's AD29!

*Jesus flashes smile at camera, lights dim. Cue music: "Who's that holy Messiah bloke, who can stem your womb with a tender stroke? CHRIST!"*
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