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Miscellaneous quotes.

From d_benway - the saga of Grant continues...

Yesterday, Son of Grant was executed. Amnesty International may come after me for this.

From thebitchtrolls - popslash loves you!

See, honey? Wade loves you too. He only shows his butt to people he really likes.

And again, from thebitchtrolls, regarding the new LJ icon policy:

Dude. Is it to much to ask that you, the half of the journal with the credit card, whore yourself on the street to renew our account and get us more icons like everybody else in the world has?

I mean, really. Think about my needs for two minutes.

From the European hijinks of doqx

In the past month a lot of things happened to me that I do not consider particularly enjoyable. I was groped and I was robbed, and I ate goulash. All of that was traumatic to various degrees.

I have to say though, that being pistol-whipped, sucks on a whole new level of sucky sucktitude.

More of a "wth?" quote from icewing - seriously, there are schools that do this?

Whoever came up with starting registration for classes at 4am on a Monday is an asshole.

And lyssie had a traumatic Sunday:

Church, for some reason, has become a vast arena for what appears to be marketing reseach seminars. At least, I assume that's why they had a powerpoint presentation instead of a sermon. Although the really crappy singers baffled me, as did the New Age piano music...

...But I was wishing I'd either burst into flames when I stepped in, brought a gun to shoot myself with, or, left during the service.

Sadly, I'm too responsible, and suffered.

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