That's Classified (erinlin) wrote in metaquotes,
That's Classified

This Is Courage In The Highest Degree

Quoted with permission.

"SEXUAL ABUSE exists because of secrecy. And yes, I said it. In bolded, 6-point print even.

SEXUAL ABUSE. It happens in homes. It happens to children. They don't say anything and they grow up afraid and ashamed.

SEXUAL ABUSE thrives in secrecy. But hey, why does it matter? Who wants to talk about sexual abuse? Do you want to? Isn't it something that should rightfully stay on a TV screen until the details are too squeamish and the station has to be changed?"

"Planes fly into buildings. People mourn, they get angry, they pull together, they begin to recover. And that's how it should be.

Hurricanes hit towns. There are relief efforts, donations, charity concerts, requests for national aid. And that's also how it should be.

Millions of childrens are molested and abused. Millions of secrets are kept. And that's not how it should be.

At this point, after looking at Cole's interview, after researching more on the net, after talking to my therapist the bajillionth time about feeling completely alone in the world, I've made a decision--I'm telling my parents. And should I ever be in a position to spread a message--be it through my photography, through my writing, if I ever become relevant in this world--I'm going public with my story. It's not even a choice for me anymore, it's a responsibility."

Read the rest here
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