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More Batman Crack

Who needs context when we've got Batslash?


A particulalry controversial post in scans_daily  involving Batman, kidnapping, and clild abuse via bitchslap, arxh takes us behind the scenes for a look at Bat's To Do List:


so batman landmarks
kidnap 12 year old boy
call him a retard and state your identity in the process
drug him
hit him
hit him again if you must
take him into your "cave" and stick him in tights
make him fight crazy bastards
if this boy should quit hire another one thats even more messed up but looks almost identical to the first.
lather rinse and repeat



droolfangrrl  -


"Shut up! You my bitch now!"




o_o The little bit of blood on poor Dick's lip in that last panel makes it so much worse.

but then so much better. "RAWR. YOU MY BUTTMONKEY NOW."

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