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Over at customers_suck,millym shares a truely bizarre story about a truely bizarre child...

When I played pretend, things made a lick of sense most of the time. If we had a freeze ray, then goddamnit, you had an invisible freeze ray in your hand and you made the appropriate sound effect. IF you had a bazooka, you were not allowed to hold it like a pistol and never tell us that you're holding a bazooka. I never engaged into the 7th seal mysteries of wiggling my fingers underneath my chin while decked out in Ecko and G-unit clothing, bounding about with all the grace of, well, a 5 year old after a boxful of sugar, and never explaing what the hell I'm doing, and why I'm doing it in front of a concessions clerk.

Would you like some context to go with that insanity?


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