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A conversation in the comments to this entry
about this icon

miriam: Say.. that's NOT your icon, PLEASE... tell me my glasses are dirty!! *lol*

Me: WHAT?? it's hellishly cute!!! *beams*

miriam: And, erhm.. you are out of the doll phase, right? RIGHT? ;)
Hmm.. but I can realte to kinky girlie games.. hehe

Me: *sigh* *shakes head fondly*

miriam: Well, I'd never ever buy a Spike doll.. never!! But maybe I should and ask James for a signature on his penis! *lol*

Me: I don't think he has one...
the doll I mean :-P

miriam: *lol* James has no penis! James has no penis!!
Okay, I'll stop! ;)

So why has the doll no penis??
Is he going to bump Xander with his head??
And now don't tell me that if you own both dolls you are NOT going to try to let them have sex!! :p

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