A Supremely Black Tai Affair (setissma) wrote in metaquotes,
A Supremely Black Tai Affair

On this thread:

setissma: I will have to write peasants. *heaves a sigh*
pookerdoos: And the peasants rejoice! Yes, that was cheap.
setissma: But cheap humor is almost as good as cheap beer, which makes Keir (who is a vaguely alcoholic character in the book I'm working on) rejoice!
pookerdoos: Better yet, cheap beer leads to cheap humor which leads to cheap wenches which leads to cheap sex which leads a kid that unfortunately is not cheap, which leads to excellent twisty plot lines!
setissma: You are my hero.
pookerdoos: I am, at the very least, extremely attractive, tall, and with cat.
setissma: I steal your cat.
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