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Taken from the Journal of varyar, with permission:

Every good-hearted American knows that Predator is the finest action movie of the 1980s.

Watching it tonight, I had two thoughts (who actually thinks continuously during a movie like this? it defeats the point):

1) Some movies are just not meant to be shown on network television. Creative as it was, the editing of the helicopter scene (with Long Tall Sally) made me weep. You cut out all the vulgarity and it's no longer a Man's Movie. It's just not. Who wants to hear Jesse Ventura call his squadmates 'slack-jawed fits'? Who wants to hear the guy with the glasses make a joke about his girlfriend's (inserted silence)?

2) In 1987, who could imagine that less than 20 years later, both Ahnold and Jesse Ventura would be US governors? Seriously. It wasn't as if there wasn't precedent sitting in the Oval Office at the time, but (so far as I know) Ronald Reagan didn't appear in big stupid movies about aliens running around killing American Special Forces commandos in Central America. Did he? If not, he should have. Everyone should.
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