Fish are my fandom now. (threegoldfish) wrote in metaquotes,
Fish are my fandom now.

Heh, okay, so sheets can wait till saturgay
illian : saturgay?
illian : *dies*
illian : Mongay! (the flaming anime hero!)
illian : Tuesgay! (For the price of one!)
illian : Wednesgay! (Whenever you want handsome!)
illian : Thursgay! (. . . Odin will be glad not to have more grandbaby bastards at least. And it explains his relationship with Loki)
illian : Frigay! (Not the hot oil wrestling again!)
illian : Saturgay! (I always had suspicions about those satyrs . . .)
illian : Sungay! (Damn queers and their tans)

~From the journal of, unsurprisingly, illian

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