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From kitsuneglyph, a reaction to the Shrub's newest theme week:

I mean, if the model willingly had his (or her, if you're into that...) picture taken, and I'm willingly viewing his raw, naked body, then what's the problem?

See, there IS something he could do though. Extend the meaning of this week. No longer should it be Protection from Pornography, but Protection from Pornography Popups and Spam week. You all know what I mean. Whenever you navigate from a porn site, 5 more open up.
So if I'm at a gay site, and I hit the back button to see that last pic I really liked, and then suddenly a popup opens with some naked WOMAN, why can't that be rape? I did not consent to seeing tits! If we're going to have protection from Pornography, I think this is the first (and only) thing we need to be protected from!

rest of rant is here.

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