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Snerkage on BNFs

Wait a second. Let me see if I've got this. There are people (Cassie, Aja, Ivy, and others) who are famous - famous - for being fans. They have little cult followings within the fandom. And little fangirls. Even fanboys. They spark flamewars. They are famous. For being fans.


Yes, yes, I realise that I am a bit late in coming to this conclusion, and that pretty much everyone else has already had their "What?" moment. But,


Being famous for writing fanfic seems rather Milli Vanilli-ish to me. Fic is great...I love it, I write it, I read it. *hollers* But it's still fanfic! It's capitalising on someone else's ideas. Sure, we come up with new plots, but at root it's still lip syncing. And being known for that doesn't strike me as all that great a thing to strive towards.

And...come on...people fangirl them? Honestly? The fangirls aren't being sarcastic? Because blah, that's just...well, stupid.
-- maniai, from here

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