watersister (watersister) wrote in metaquotes,

Yeah. What they said.

In a recent discussion in mock_the_stupid I mentioned my bewilderment with all the new republics in the former Soviet Union, since the coup happened in my junior year of high school and I haven't kept up since. chesh had this to say:

This whole trend of peaceful revolutions (and a failed attempt) in Kirgistan, Uzbekistan, WeRanOutofPrefixesistan, etc makes my head hurt. I'm starting to hope they all settle back into being complacent again so I just don't have to care anymore.

Um, yeah.

ETA: To the Russian Studies commenter, is OK, I don't think you're an asshat, and I should have remembered that these republics aren't technically new. The USSR was around for, what, over eighty years? It's easy to not know, or to forget, what came before.

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