Jess Knoch (jessknoch) wrote in metaquotes,
Jess Knoch

El Baño de Terror!

isquiesque is looking for a hotel in London, but cheaper isn't always better:

  • Expected more cleanliness and to be able to see out of the windows.
  • We didn't mind the paper-thin walls and noise or the maze of stairs we had to cart our luggage up - for the rate, we expected that. What we didn't expect was the inability to sleep because the springs were LITERALLY coming through the horrible mattress
And finally, my favorite:
  • horrible; la peor estanciade mi vida: habitacion de peli de miedo, sucia, ruidosa, el baño de terror

Roughly translated, with my own added emphasis, it reads: Horrible; worst stay of my life: living in danger and FEAR(!), dirty, noisy, the BATH OF TERROR!

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