Invading a personal space near you (blunder_buss) wrote in metaquotes,
Invading a personal space near you

There is no I in team, brain.

That's great and all, except now the team combination of body and brain is at odds.

The body wants to sleep. It's very tired as it was up too late last night.
Responses, including typing, are sluggish. Eyes want to fall shut, and in general the unit does not want to move or do much of anything.

The brain wants to play. It wants to read, it wants to surf, it wants to play games, it wants to go out somewhere just for the sake of going out somewhere, it wants to take a bike ride with the dogs, it wants to build and disassemble computers in its 'mind', it wants to play with the birds, it wants to play with the ferrets, it wants to bake something anything just something because the process and chemical reactions that take place are so fascinating, it wants to watch both aquariums closely and pay special attention to the tiny details of the two respective ecosystems, it wants to go out looking for spiders, it wants to go out bird watching, it wants to go out and look for mushrooms, and it keeps putting suggestions like this forth to the body.

The body responds with, "Seriously? Fuck you."

The brain says, "No, fuck YOU! I control this operation!"

tviokh says, "There is no I in team, brain."

The body nods in agreement.

The brain scoffs and says, "There is if I want there to be."

tviokh says, "Well, the body and I will just go to bed and ignore you."

The brain says, "You can't ignore me. I won't let you sleep. I'm what lets you sleep and I don't want to sleep, so I'll just start disassembling and reassembling mechanical things, animals, and humans in such detail that you won't be able to drift off even if you damn well want to. And when I'm done with that, I'll start deconstructing symphonies, only playing the part of each respective instrument based on the 'chair' the player would have in the orchestra. HA!"*

tviokh says, "...."

The body says, "...."

Brain wins.

Read the whole thing, it's hilarious. And true.


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