Ami Elizabeth (spidersilken_ai) wrote in metaquotes,
Ami Elizabeth

From _snape_daily and This Thread.

A little background. You'll have to click the link to see the picture they are talking about. It makes the whole metaquotes thing funnier...and makes more sense as well when you have context!

dragons_f_wolf : "I volunteer to take him back to his dungeons. ;)"

snapes_mistress : "He looks like an amnesia patient... 'Who am I? Why am I in this garden???'"

dragons_f_wolf : "...'Where is Dumbledore?' lol"

snapes_mistress : "'Why is snapes_mistress humping me?'"

dragons_f_wolf : "'Why does Firewolf have me under the immobulous curse? Dear God, I'm being violated!!!'"

There's more, but those first five comments just cracked me up. ^_^;


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