Si appellem me mendacem, mentiarne? (apiphile) wrote in metaquotes,
Si appellem me mendacem, mentiarne?

In the US they have something called 'hard cider' meaning 'alcoholic cider', which is a bit like having 'hot fire' or 'tall skyscrapers'. Cider is an alcoholic drink, you fools! In fact, a good cider is a very alcoholic drink. But I'm not talking about white cider here. That crap is for kids. I'm talking a good earthy scrumpy, one that tastes like it was made in a vat full of pig carcasses and old tractor parts. Which, I'm reliably informed, it probably was. Now, that's a hard cider. - wheeler gives the run-down of the best of British foods. Go, read! Amusing AND informative.

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