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paperbirds talks about HER (edited--ooops. :) ) evening, which included a considerable amound of sake... the whole post is worth reading, but this was my favorite part!

after about an hour my empty stomach was like, "hey guess what? i don't want to be empty anymore!" and i was like "god daggit, i am not cookin' shit." and so my stomach was like, "look, dood, just go across the street because you love that cafe and they have the best tomato basil soup you have ever tasted and you can get grilled cheese with roast beef and also a hot chocolate. oh, and you can also get these coconut chocolate macadamia nut bar thingies for dessert. and while you wait for everything to be put together for you to bring home, you can drink a mack n jacks."

and i was like, "dag stomach, i wanna have your baby."

heh.  hope you enjoyed!  :)


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