MIASMA (backfromspace) wrote in metaquotes,

My essay had three separate introductory paragraphs. The whole thing resembled a "choose your own adventure" story about the suffrage movement. I should have just written "If you like paragraph 1, please turn to page 3. Paragraph 2? page five. But why bother? there's no conclusion. Happy grading!" it would have at least saved me the trouble of putting in any effort, and saved Dr. N a valuable two minutes of reading.

Her comments were written in bright red ink. They were so hurried and sloppy that I couldn't help but feel that she was resisting the urge to write "HA! How dare you and your offensive phallus enter the pristine feminist sanctuary that is my classroom? You will never be able to fully understand the intricate and subtle mysteries of the Vagina Dentata, no matter how hard you try! Phoebe Hearst does disco moves in her grave every time you raise your hand to speak! DIE! DIE! DIE!" all over my paper. Unfortunately I can't prove any of it.

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